Therap Putty | Therapy Putty for Hand and Finger Exercise|

Build your finger and hand power with our range of thera putty which offers effective occupational therapy in a fun way! Strengthen your hands by squeezing, stretching, twisting or pinching these items. Putty with different resistance levels also available that eliminates the need for more buys. Check out our Color Change Putty which provides patients with visual feedback as exercise is performed. We also have Fitness Putty from Rolyan for patients who need more resistance and a booklet on hand exercises with therapy putty.

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Where to buy Thera Putty online?

At we offer a wide range of thera putty products which offer effective occupational therapy in a fun way. Our wide collection also includes Putty with different resistance levels. Shop Thera Putty from various top-selling manufacturers like Fabrication Enterprises, North Coast Medical, Complete Medical etc. Browse our extensive range to select the Product that best suits your needs.