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This should be your one-stop shop for supports for your back and abdomen if you are seeking relief from lower back pain. If you are looking for the ever-popular abdominal binders, we have a huge range in that. We also carry supports for the clavicle, ribs, lumbosacral and hernia and back support for the expectant mother. There are sacroiliac belts and trochanter belts as well as posture correctors. Take your pick from this range and be guaranteed of unbelievable discounts!

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How To Measure An Abdominal Binder?

When ready to buy a binder, it is important to know the right amount of compression needed. It is important to do sizing and other measurements prior to going to surgery. Measurements are always taken directly through the skin. In the first 2 weeks after surgery, stage 1 garment is worn which is slightly loose for initial swelling. In the period of 2 to 8 weeks after surgery, stage 2 garment is worn which is tight and short. Extra precautions should be taken with allergies. Abdominal binders are available in two different versions i.e., latex and latex-free. If the skin is allergic to latex then it’ best to choose latex free binder.

How To Use A Back & Abdominal Support?

Using an abdominal binder is a simple process. First, you need to decide on what amount of time the binder is to be used. Usually, a physician prescribes the amount of time one should wear a binder. If you are not in touch with one then make sure to consult a physician before using an abdominal binder. The Abdominal binder can disguise under your clothes, but you should avoid very fitting clothes for comfort. First, wrap the binder around your abdomen and secure the straps. It should be tightened to fit snugly around the abdomen but it should not be very tight. For a unit of measurement, you can consider wrapping it till the point you are able to breathe easily. Keeping it dry is just as a wet binder can irritate the skin and can also cause infections. Always read and follow the guidelines on how to wash and clean the Abdominal Binder.

A Few Risk Factors You Should Know Before Using Abdominal Binders

Abdominal binders are designed to keep the abdominal region Stable and sturdy and hence sometimes it can cause some discomfort due to rigidness. Confirm the right size before purchasing so that you don't have problems like rashes and irritations. The material of the binder should be checked before purchasing as Binders are compression garments which are sometimes associated with allergic reactions and itching.

How To Choose A Back & Abdominal Support?

Choosing a back and abdominal Support solely depends on the condition of a person. Choose the fabric according to the level of comfort along with any allergic conditions in mind.

Where to buy Back and Abdominal Supports online?

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