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Anti-slip products is an umbrella term for all the items that increase friction between them and the resting surface to prevent the patient from slipping or falling. People with motor disabilities and impaired mobility are at the highest risk of slipping and injuring themselves and according to the NCBI almost 70% of these mishaps take place in the bathroom. Anti-slip products are the easiest and safest way to prevent any kind of accidents from slipping. They can either be installed in the bathroom or can be worn by the patient. They are made from materials that are friction inducing and are also water resistant to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. The wet surroundings of a bathroom are highly conducive to slipping and falling and so these anti-slip bathroom aids are a must in such situations.


Types of Anti-Slip Products

  • Anti-Slip Bath Mats - Made of material that induces friction with the bathroom floor, anti-slip bath mats are a perfect keep in your bathroom which is frequented by the elderly. They are made from water-proof materials and have minute rubber pads that provide a grip to the user
  • Anti-Slip Bath Steps - Used as a support while stepping into a bathtub or elevated surface in the bathroom, anti-slip bath steps are a great choice to avoid slipping while climbing into the bathtub or out of it. They are made to support the weight of an average person and have strong and durable legs. They come in a one piece option or have legs like a stool


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