Clothing Protector


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Feeding elderly people can be quite an issue. Clothing protectors help in accomplishment of the task without hassle. They make the work of cleaning the mess and changing clothes often after each meal way easier. Made of high quality materials, these disposable and washable apparels are available in wide variety, designs, sizes and colors like feeding apron, smoker's and activity apron, bib, coverall and more. Reusable bibs are made of eco-friendly materials and can easily be washed and dried. Clothing protectors also help in training little ones for self feeding.

Benefits of Clothing Protectors:

  • Aids in hassle free feeding.
  • Great for training little ones to eat.
  • Helps elderly people to self-feed without making a mess.
  • Reusable Bibs are easily washable.
  • Disposable bibs add to the convenience as you can change them and dispose each time they get soiled.

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