Arm and Shoulder Exercise Skates| ROM Exercisers/Skates

Shoulder and Arm Skates improve the range of motion in the wrist, arm, and shoulder of patient. Those with the limited range-of-motion (ROM) can benefit from these exercise skates as they help with coordination, manipulation, endurance and sequencing. There are several main causes that can affect our ability to open and close our hand and grasp the world around us. Obviously any injury to our hand, wrist, or forearm area can hamper the ability of our hands to function properly. Strokes can also lead to motor function impairment including our arms and hands. Hand skateboards are progressive mobility products used for gaining upper body strength back. They are perfect for physical therapy exercise of arms, shoulders, elbows and wrist joints. Browse through our wide collection of arm and shoulder skates from top-selling brands like Patterson Medical, Bailey, Brandt, etc. and shop the ones that best suit your requirements.


Where to buy Shoulder and Arm Skates online?

Get the best deal in shoulder and arm skates for stroke rehabilitation and other physical disabilities and strengthen your shoulders and arms. Rehab Store features the best collection of popular makers of exercise skates like Patterson Medical, Bailey, Brandt Industries and more.

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