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What is a Knee Compression Sleeve?

Knee compression sleeves benefit people who require extra support around the knee during an exercise or physical activity. Some knee sleeves offer total support to the entire knee area and relieve pain in the knee. Whereas some knee support sleeves provide comfort and relief to the kneecap.

Rehab Store carries an extensive range of knee support straps and bands that support and stabilize the knee and relieve stiff and sore knees. One of the most effective knee sleeve braces is the DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Brace, suitable for adult patients with mild subluxation, mal-tracking, and patella arthritis, and Advanced Orthopaedics Sport Knee Sleeve Support indicated for mild to moderate ligament joint pain, sprains, strains of the knee ligaments, or patellar instabilities. Shop knee support sleeve from top manufacturers such as McDavid, Donjoy, and Rolyan, to name a few.

When is a Knee Support Sleeve used?

Knee wraps and sleeves are used to heal a minor knee injury. Compression sleeves offer enhanced blood flow to the area to relieve pain and help curb swelling after workouts. It is important to know that a knee band should not be used constantly but worn during a workout or cardio session in case of an injury or knee pain. The knee band provides stability to the knee and prevents soreness and pain that may arise post-workout.

Individuals may wear a knee compression sleeve while -

Note: Please consult your doctor before using a knee compression sleeve to avoid worsening any existing injuries.

Do Knee Sleeves Make a Difference?

Studies have shown that using knee sleeves in people with knee problems improves their gait and balance, curbs osteoarthritis pain, and enhances knee function in individuals with chronic pain behind the knee and other parts of the knee.

Buying Guide for Compression Knee Sleeves

Here are some of the features to consider while purchasing a knee compression sleeve include:

  • The breathability of the Knee Sleeve: You should choose a fabric that gives the knee enough room for breathability and aids in moisture wicking to keep the skin dry and reduce odors. Rehab Store offers knee braces such as neoprene knee sleeve & more for people with runner's knees.
  • The flexibility of the Knee Wraps: An ideal compression sleeve should not restrict mobility and help the movement while reducing pain.
  • Size range of the Knee Bands: Knee sleeves come in various types and sizes. The knee compression sleeve should fit the knee well, i.e., not too tight or loose. Your doctor may help you identify which knee sleeve would be the most ideal for you.
  • Other Features of Knee Support Sleeves: Some knee wraps have additional features such as kneecap cushioning, adjustable straps, and elasticity. You can choose from a wide selection of compression sleeves at Rehab Store.

Difference Between Knee Sleeves and Knee Braces

Knee braces restrict movement as the broken or sprained knee heals, while knee compression sleeves do not restrict ROM. Subsequently, a knee wrap or knee compression sleeve is suitable for those with minor knee injuries; however, a brace for knee is apt for more serious injuries and is monumental for a quicker recovery

A compression knee sleeve is effective in reducing arthritis pain and offers light compression to reduce swelling that may arise due to minor injuries. It is often discreet and can be worn under clothing. Whereas a knee brace is worn for preventive reasons. Knee support braces avoid further damage or reinjury to a broken knee. 

Where to buy a Sleeve for Knee Compression?

Rehab Store is your companion on the road to recovery. We offer knee compression sleeves, knee wraps, knee bands, knee support sleeves, neoprene knee sleeve, and more from leading names of the industry, such as Breg Incorporated, Ossur Medical, and Patterson Medical, to name a few. Place your order today and earn reward dollars on every purchase you make.