Raised commodes have become an important part of the bathroom in today’s time replacing the old style of floor based commodes. The medical world has contributed its bit to create the right kind of commode for people with medical conditions. These medical commodes are made from materials that are made for comfortable and safe excretion. They are loaded with features such as a comfortable backrest, reclining seats, pleasant & irritation free seating, and features that help people with mobility issues. They come in different heights, widths, and portability options. Medical commodes come in two different variants such as traditional style commodes that are installed in the bathroom permanently and the other commode chairs which can be easily moved around according to one’s convenience.

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Types of Commodes

1.Traditional Commodes

Traditional Commodes are installed directly in the bathroom and are connected to the drainage system of the house. They have features such as a reclining backrest, a comfortable seat, handles or rails to provide a grip to the user, and an adjustable height in some cases

2.Commode Chairs

Commode chairs are a hybrid between a chair and a commode. They are supported by four legs and have a commode in the center. The French call it a pierced chair because of a hole in the center. Commode chairs are one of the most common commode types used in the medical world. There are four types of commode chairs:

  • Bedside Commode Chairs - The simplest form of commode chairs, they are lightweight and are portable. They are made of sturdy and durable material with strong legs
  • Transfer Commode Chairs - They feature a drop down handle that allows patient transfer from the commode to the bed or vice versa
  • Over the Toilet Commode Chairs - They do not have a removable receptacle and hence need to be placed over a toilet to be used. They can be locked into position to make sure the patient is safe while using them
  • Shower Commode Chairs - These are a hybrid with shower chairs and can be used for showering. They are made from water resistant material and have wheels to facilitate going in and out of the shower